In 2020, it has been thirty years since the restoration of Independence. In history, this time will be named as a period of unfulfilled expectations and hopes, when we have created an oligarchic capitalism and a flawed democracy instead of a welfare state and full democracy.

Our vision is a fair, healthy, educated, green and innovative Lithuania.

Responsible and decent government. Citizens give a mandate to all institutions of government in Lithuania. Citizens must have the right to recall them. We will introduce a procedure to recall the Seimas through a referendum. We will review the privileges of all politicians and officials. Decent government does not need privileges.

Prosperity for all, not for few. The beginning of prosperity is the right to work and the right to a fair wage. In 2024, the average wage will reach 80 percent of the EU average salary. Now it is only 59 per cent. Nearly 670,000 older people have the right to dignity as everyone else. Pensions will grow and reach 80 percent of the EU average pensions. For greater income equality, progressive income taxes will be real, not an imitation of them.

A fair economy now. A fair economy is one that protects the environment, supports business, revitalizes economic democracy, unites communities, and creates a better quality of life for all.

Educated and healthy Lithuania. Children and young people will have equal opportunities to pursue and acquire education at all levels. We will introduce free undergraduate studies in 2021 at universities. Healthy Lithuania means a high-quality health care that is accessible to all.

A just Lithuania without corruption. We deserve law enforcement that serves citizens, not interest groups. We will recall parliamentary immunity from criminal prosecution and review the legal immunity of judges.

Strong communities and Lithuania of regions. A strong state needs to be based on a free people and strong local communities. Today the differences between Lithuanian regions are not only too large - they are an unjustifiable reflection of regional inequality. Not only Vilnius deserves to live well. We will introduce a new regional policy from below.

LITHUANIA FOR ALL ready to restore responsible government and fair policy. LITHUANIA FOR ALL is your best choice in the 2020 Seimas elections.